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At Bremar Training we offer personal and professional training courses to assist every participant in reaching their full potential within their personal and professional lives. Our aim is to give you the confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding needed to achieve your goals. We offer a comprehensive range of courses, focusing around Mental & Emotional Health, Suicide Awareness, Resilience, Safeguarding and Personal & Professional Development.

Connections Suicide Awareness

Duration: 1.5 - 8hrs

We are fully accredited Facilitators of the highly-acclaimed Connections Suicide Awareness Programme. Connections is a locally created, adaptable programme accredited by the Public Health Agency. It is a complete programme which focuses on key areas such as Understanding Suicide, Emotional Health, Suicide First Aid and Cultivating a Self-Care Practice. Most importantly it gives everyone the CONFIDENCE to speak to someone who may be vulnerable. We offer a range of workshops to suit the individual needs of the groups we work with.

Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience

Duration: 4 - 6hrs

This workshop will enable participants to understand emotions, develop resilience, recognise support networks personally and professionally. Develop skills to challenge negative thinking and increase positive communication both internally and externally.

Mental Health Management

Duration: 4hrs

This workshop is developed to look at how we promote and manage positive mental health in our personal and professional lives. Participants will learn about stress and explore techniques on how to cope. Confidence building, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, motivation and communication and the promotion of self-care practice.

Personal & Professional Development

Duration: 3hrs - 12weeks

Our Personal & Professional development programmes focus on developing our own skills. Understanding motivation to change, developing communication skills, challenge limiting beliefs, setting goals and targets. These skills and techniques can be used in our personal interactions, professional relationships, and to develop team building and focus. The programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the client or group and can range from a half day introduction to personal development to a 12-week programme on changing your mind-set.

Courtroom Skills

Duration: 4hrs

This training is designed and targeted at new social care workers who have little or no experience in this area. The aim of the training is twofold, firstly to make the worker less daunted about giving evidence in court and secondly to ensure the worker is well prepared and knowledgeable about the process they are engaged in. The interactive element will also provide the participant with an opportunity to experience how it feels to be cross examined by a lawyer.

Relationships & Communication

Duration: 4hrs

Workshop focusing on the importance of building positive relationships and how effective communication can aid in the promotion of a positive environment. The course can be tailored to suit personal, professional or sports clubs / bodies.

Motivation & Goal Setting

Duration: 4hrs - 6weeks

This programme is highly adaptable and can range from a half day brief overview on motivational interviewing and goal setting techniques to a 6-week programme where participants can plan strategies, examine ways to overcome potential barriers and set achievable targets. This programme can be tailored to suit personal, professional and sports clubs / bodies.

Observing & Recording

Duration: 4-6hrs

This course looks at the issues relating to recording and the importance of this skill in the social care arena. The content focuses on specific legislative requirements and the importance of meeting the standards as identified by N.I. Social Care council and the general code of practice for social care workers.

Content also includes:

  • 1. The importance of record-keeping
  • 2. The importance of good quality recording
  • 3. Examples from serious case reviews
  • 4. Information gathering and recall
  • 5. Memory and how we use it
  • 6. Tips to aide effective recording

Professional Boundaries

Duration: 4hrs

This training focuses on the professional boundaries that we must adhere to in all our work in the social care arena.

It includes the following elements:

  • 1. What is a boundary?
  • 2. Managing professional boundaries in social care work
  • 3. Crossing or breaking boundaries
  • 4. Personal and Professional boundaries
  • 5. N.I.S.C.C. requirements regarding standards of conduct
  • 6. Maintaining Trust and Confidence
  • 7. Confidentiality

Child Safegaurding - Level 1

Duration: 4hrs

This is the basic awareness training for safeguarding children and young people. The following issues are the focus of this training:

Key areas:

  1. Types of abuse
  2. Forms of abuse
  3. Recognizing abuse
  4. Effects of abuse
  5. Protecting the practitioner
  6. Legislation

The course is extremely interactive and allows the learner to spend time going through each area in detail using real-life examples of practice.

  • Protecting the practitioner from abuse
  • Legislation

Child Safegaurding - Level 2

Duration: 6hrs

This course is the follow on from the basic safeguarding 1 course and will enhance the skills and knowledge of the learner around child safeguarding of children and young people.

Key areas:

  1. Understanding procedures for recording and reporting abuse
  2. Knowledge of both the legal and policy context
  3. Awareness of categories, definitions, and indicators of abuse
  4. Awareness of causes and vulnerabilities
  5. Examples from practice

If you have specific requirements, that are not listed, please get in touch and we can explore creating something bespoke for your organisation.

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Coleraine FC recently hosted a training session by Bremar Training in relation to Suicide Awareness Programme. This was efficiently and professionally presented and the feedback from our coaches, parents and local teachers was it was one of the best training sessions we have ever put on. We would highly recommend Bremar Training to anyone.

- Stevie McCann, Coleraine FC

All Saints

We at All Saints GAC Ballymena engaged Bremar to deliver sessions on Resilience and Suicide Awareness as a key part of our 6-week Health & Well Being programme, Saints and Slimmer’s. We found the sessions thought provoking, reassuring and very suited to the overall objectives of our programme, that is the promotion of good mental health for our members and their families and friends.”.

- Jim Brady, Chairman


We received suicide awareness training from Bremar Training it was very clear concise training with excellent structure not only was the training carried out very professionally but it was also an excellent way to bring the team together.

It was very insightful and interactive. All presentations were interesting, good slides and videos that kept us all engaged. Both Brendan and Mark were very accommodating ensuring all staff felt comfortable asking questions and got the full benefit from the training. The staff benefited both professionally and personally from this excellent training and I would recommend it to all organizations. Thank you so much.”

- Siobhan Mc Cormac, Deputy Chief Executive Officer


Bremar Training delivered resilience training for Inishowen Development partnership (The CHANCE Project) which is funded by International fund for Ireland. The main emphasis of the training is to work with social isolated young people. To develop their emotional and positive mental health and to improve their communication skills.

As project leader, I noticed the young people flourished throughout Bremar resilience training and their self-esteem and confidence excel. I want to commend Bremar for their adaptability approach to meet the needs of the young people.

I highly recommend Mark and Brendan on their interpersonal skills that made the resilience training truly exceptional.

- Gary Duffy, Youth Development Officer

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